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Best Mats for Gymnastics activities, Safety and Landing protection

Starshade Sports manufacture and supply various types of mats/pads used in Gymnastics, Indore games, Sports and Acrobatics etc. Our mats are available in different sizes and combination of various firmness as per the application and cushioning required for different gymnastics activities.

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Best Mats for Gymnastics, Sticking landings from Vault, Bars, and Balance beam routines

Our mats are made with high quality foam and PVC coated fabric in different cushioning and densities, the mats provides cushioning and significant shock-absorption when landing from a performance.

High quality Crash mats/pads for Gyms, Gymnastics activities, climbing, or areas needing fall safety and protection.

Extra comfort Safety Mats for crash landing

The Combination of HD-EP, HD Flexible PU and Supers-soft Foam with Heavy-duty Vinyl cover, our crash mats are perfect fit for various indoor sports activities where the protection is an important factor.

Product Specification

  • Material Combination: EPE, EVA, XLc Hard and Medium firmness
  • Fabric: PP with PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) coated with fabric cover
  • Dimension: 4ft x 6ft, 4ft x 8ft
  • Thickness: 30MM, 40MM, 50MM
  • Dimensions Customizable: Yes
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Orange, Green & Red
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • MOQ: 1


The Trapezoid Mats are used for multiple purposes for all ages in different sizes and combinations of foam in firm density


Trapezoid Mat for Gymnastics by Starshade

the Trapezoid Mats are best for teaching the basics of jumping and vaulting for the beginner students at a lower level or stack to increase the challenge when students may need.

The Combination of Flexible PU and EPE Foam with PP PVC coated fabric cover are perfect fit for various indoor sports activities

The Wedge Cheese mats for Tumbling, Safety Mats/pads for, Gymnastics

The folded and plain cheese mat can be used to practice hurdles (run, hurdle onto the block), no need for a springboard since it’s not too high. Put hands on block and jump feet up for a kids’ basic squat on vault, or put hands on and jump feet up for practice hurdling to handstand position on the vault.

The Combination of Flexible PU and EPE Foam with PP PVC coated fabric cover are perfect fit for various indoor sports activities.

Gymnastics Mat Octagon Tumbler

Gymnastics Mat Octagon Tumbler Skill Shape Somersault Back-bend Training

The Octagons help with teaching leaps, tick-tocks, and over splits, as well as the beginning and finishing of backwards and forwards skills, such as walkovers and front and back handsprings.

They come in many sizes and are fun to play with – you can roll over them, jump over them, and use them as an obstacle in training skills that need to have height.  The Combination of Flexible PU and EPE Foam with PP PVC coated fabric cover.

Foam Cubes for Foam Pit

Flexible Foam Cubes, Sponges in various sizes and colors

The PU flexible foam cubes in different sizes are densities available which can be covered with a fabric in different colors to make it attractive.

The Foam pits are most commonly used in Play-area, Gymnastics facilities, Gyms, Trampoline etc.
Our Standard Sizes are 6″x6″, 7″x7″, etc., which can be modified.

Fabric Color selection:  Black/ Purple/ Blue/ Red/ Green/ Orange/ Yellow etc.

Funjoy a brand from the house of Supreme consists of a colorful and joyous range of products.

Product Specification

  • Material Combination: EVA
  • Dimension: 2ft x 6ft
  • Thickness: 4mm, 5mm,7mm
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, Green & Red
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Product Specification

Material: EVA Foam
Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green etc.
Pattern: Interlocking Blocks
Mat Size: 500x500MM, 600X600MM, 1000MMX1000MM
Thickness: 10MM, 12.5MM, 15MM, 20MM, 25MM & 30MM

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